Opto- Mechanical Design

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Design Interface’s  capabilities provide complete and unique skill sets for developing cohesive, effective and efficient designs. Our thorough knowledge of mechanical, opto-mechanical and electro-mechanical packaging, specialized design techniques, materials & processes selection, fabrication processes and techniques, contamination mitigation and process development, allows us to provide the complete Design to our customers.

Our proven ability to work within an integrated project team environment with our customers has been a critical factor in the success of the instruments and missions that we have been involved with. We utilize our unique capability to work and interact seamlessly across multi-disciplines such as Optical, Electrical, Thermal, and Structural to assure all requirements are implemented in the final design product.

Our ability to work across various CAD & Analytical Software platforms allows the team to seamlessly evaluate and implement real-time design configurations and changes, thereby minimizing the risk of miscommunication. This allows for real time design trades that can be accomplished routinely, minimizing schedule and cost  and assuring the entire team is working with the most current data.

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Drafting & Documentation

  • Remote Sensing Instruments
  • Space Borne Solid State  Laser Packaging
  • Fiber Coupled Detector Assemblies
  • Laser Altimeters
  • Transceiver Assemblies
  • Optical Test Verification Test Hardware

Mechanical Design

Manufacturing & Product Development

Material Engineering & Process Development

Electro-Mechanical Packaging

Design Interface  is an established company that is focused on providing professional Design Engineering Services serving both Government and Commercial markets, as well as the research and science communities. Our team is comprised of dedicated experienced professionals that have designed and developed complex Ground Based, Airborne and Spaceborne Instruments and Sensors for over 30 years. Our thorough knowledge, experience and unique skill sets allows us to provide our customers a simple, yet insightful and creative solution to their most challenging requirements.

  • Power Converters
  • Space Borne High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Laser Drivers
  • Magnetometers
  • EMC Tempest Test Receivers
  • Opto-Electro Detector Assemblies
  • Flex-Circuit Sub-Assemblies
  • Detailed Fabrication & Assembly Drawings

  • (per ASME-Y14.5)

  • Drawing & Document Checking Function

  • Interface Control Drawings

  • Assembly Procedures

  • Work Instructions

  • Configuration Management

  • CAD Platforms: Solid Works, Pro-E, NX, AutoCAD

  • Instrument Design

  • Mechanism Design

  • Cryogenic Instruments and Structures

  • Interferometer & Spectrometer Instruments

  • Test Article Validation & GSE

  • Proposal Design Concept Development

  • Active Fluid Cooling Systems

  • In-House Rapid Prototype Capabilities

  • Graphic Rendering

  • Design For Manufacturing Evaluation

  • Component & System Assembly

  • Fabrication Services Liaison

                CNC, Lathe, EDM

                Precision Orbital Welding

                Swiss Turning Machine

                Sheet Metal


                Exotic Materials:

                    Invar, Magnesium,

                    Molybdenum, Titanium

  • Materials Procurements
  • Materials Processing Procedure Development
  • Polymeric and Inorganic Materials Selection and Application
  • Materials Compatibility Selection
  • Workmanship Issues Evaluation
  • Test Validation Plans
  • Materials and Processes List Compilation
  • Component Failure Evaluation
  • Purge gas cleanliness verification

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